Dam Mastam Lyrics

Dam Mastam Lyrics by Unknown is Latest song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and this brand new song is featuring Unknown. Dam Mastam Lyrics are penned down by Unknown while music is given by Rohail Hyatt and video is directed by Unknown.
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Qoowat-I parwardigaar

La fataa illa ali

La fataa illa ali

La saif illa zulfiqar
King of all men

Lion of god

Strength of almighty allah

There is no courageous men to match ali

There is no courageous men to match ali

There is no sword like zulfiqar
Saainyaan main tere ton hi mangaan

Mann liya tainoon malangaan nen sahara the

Tu hai laj palaa

Peeraan da peer ali

Mastam dam mastam dam mastam… (x2)
O protector, I ask only from you

Dervishes have accepted you as their shelter

You are the savior of honor

Chief of the saints is Ali

My breath is intoxicated… (x2)
Tu shahanshaah e walli

Ay wali ibn-e ali

Kar do har dam bhali

Kehta dil Maula Maula Ali

O king of saints

O descendent of ali – shahbaz qalandar

Fill every moment with blessings

My heart beats in remembrance of maula maula ali
Mangaan taithon taithon nah sangaan

Rangaya apne toon rangaan

Laj palaa

Ay be misalaa

Nabi da wazeer ali

Mastam dam mastam…

My heart begs only to you

Color me as you are

O savior of honor

To whom none can be compared

The holy prophet (saw)’s minister, ali

My breath is intoxicated…
Dar tere aayiaan saaiyaan

Khair karam da paa de

Mandri noon seene la ke

Mere bhaag jaga de

Saainyaan ve re re…
Shower your blessings unto me

O giver, I am at your door

Take this wretched person into the embrace of your light

Make it so fortune smiles upon my path

O, protector and giver…

Panj panj deeve tere balde

Do jag tere dar tey palde

Mairi vi toon sun lay saaiyaan

Har ek de gham aithe talde

Five lamps glow always at your shrine

The whole world is nourished at your door

Hear me, too, o giver

Everyone’s sorrows end here, at your doorstep
Kehna te sada kehnde rehna

Naam tera hi lainde rahna

Laj palaa

Jag tu nirala

Allah da sher ali ali,

Mastam dam mastam…
I will say it forevermore

I will recite your name always

O savior of honor

Incomparable to the entire world

The lion of god

My breath is intoxicated….

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Who wrote the lyrics of "Dam Mastam Lyrics" song?

Unknown has written the lyrics of "Dam Mastam Lyrics".

Who is the singer of "Dam Mastam Lyrics" song?

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has sung the song "Dam Mastam Lyrics".

Who directed "Dam Mastam Lyrics" music video?

Savio, Yug has directed the music video of "Dam Mastam Lyrics".

Who has featured in the music video?

The music video of "Dam Mastam Lyrics" features famous directors.

What movie/album the "Dam Mastam Lyrics" song is from?

The song "Dam Mastam Lyrics" is from the soundtrack movie/album "Coke Studio"

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